Oct 2010 Reunion 07-10-2010

Reunion held at the Admiral Rodney on Thursday 7th October 2010
Margaret Glen-Bott Reunion
Kevin Marriott, Don Press, Christine Pygott, Stan Wroblewski (left in 1963 5th year) and Pat Moorhouse.
Margaret Glen-Bott Reunion
Chis Bowyer, Martin Ambler and Barry Bowyer at home in the Snug.
Margaret Glen-Bott Reunion
John Simpson, Don Press, Andy Carter and Barrie Evans.
A Rose between two Thorns!
John Simpson, Valerie Page and Barrie Evans. John and Barrie reunited with our tormenter again. Val and Susan Matthews sat behind us in 3Y in our form room.…
All of us at the Margaret Glen-Bott Reunion
AT THE BACK: Christine Pygott, Pat Moorhouse, Don Press, Sherida Chattaway, Andy Carter (at back), Kevin Marriott, Graham Ashmore, Stan Wroblewski (at Back),…